• Highest Quality

    We searched the world over to find coffee farmers who have the highest quality standards.

  • Organic Arabica Beans 

    Our coffee is made with 100% organic Arabica beans. Supporting quality and sustainability.

  • Fry Roast Techonology

    We freshly roast your coffee with our special Fry Roast Technology. Leading in eco-friendly practices, we minimize industry waste.

“Our mission is to revolutionize roasting with our patent-pending, unique Fry Roast Technology.”

John, Co-Founder

What do we mean when we say: Roasted Like No Other?

We do things differently! Traditional coffee roasting didn't meet our standards. After years of experimenting with various roasters, we were unhappy with the waste, environmental impact, and inefficiency. Most importantly, we felt existing technology was limiting the full flavor and aroma of the beans. That's why we created a groundbreaking Fry Roast Technology – patent pending and completely unique. Say hello to a revolution in coffee roasting!

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What`s in it for you? ☕️

Super Smooth

Because of our roasting technology and our coffee non-bitter-smoothness, we're known as the "Black Coffee Drinkers Coffee" due to the fact that creamer and sweetener is not needed (unless desired).  So enjoy your Fry Roast Coffee throughout your day knowing it's always rich, smooth and delicious!

Non-Bitter and Low Acid & Tannins

Tannin's and acidity are the bitter nasty stuff in coffee that ruins its flavor and irritates your stomach and contributes to excess acid, (aka. acid stomach).

Stomach and Digestive Friendly

Low tannin's and low acid in coffee is the key to preventing excess acid in the stomach. Fry Roast Coffee is never bitter, is low in tannis and acid and is easier on the stomach. So drink up!  *

Delicious Coffee Flavor & Aroma

We roast all of our coffees to order, we don't store roasted coffee in our warehouse. We pride ourselves on a 99% ship same day as roast day efficiency on orders made before 12 pm MST.  Our commitment to you is to provide the freshest, smoothest, and most flavorful coffee available which is why we have structured our roasting, shipping, and customer service, basically our entire company, for maximum freshness, efficiency, and superior service to our customers.

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